COVID-19 Situation Relative to Scout Camp Otter Lake QC


Even though Scout Camp Otter Lake QC is currently closed for any and all use. It is being regularly checked.

Scout Camp Otter Lake QC has been approved to participate in the Scouting Family Camping Pilot! If you or you have a family member are registered with Scouts Canada then you can make a reservation to stay at one of the camp's many sites. While most sites are for tenting, there are 3 campsites that accommodate Recreational Trailers. But all trailers must be self contained as the camp does not have any services available.

Scout Camp Otter Lake QC remains closed due to the National, Provincial, and Regional COVID-19 situation. The decision for the camp to be closed is dictated by the directions of a few entities, including the Camp's Management Committee, the Province of Québec, the regional Warden (MRC Pontiac), and especially by the National direction of Scouts Canada.

Camp Status: The camp has been inspected since the last group used it and everything is in good condition. With no one using the facilities and the facilities being locked up for this entire period, if there was any trace of the Novel Corona 19 virus (COVID-10) according to information from specialist the virus will not live this long on inanimate objects. Even considering the aforementioned the camp facilities will be cleaned and sanitized prior to the camp being available for use.

With the above said, the Camp Committee is trying to stay current on the local situation and to follow the local impact COVID-19 is having on the local community. Scout Camp Otter Lake QC is located in the municipality of Otter Lake QC, within Pontiac Region, in the Outaouais section of Québec. With that in mind the following statistical information is being provided for your general knowledge. This information below is for Québec overall down to the Regional Municipalities within the Outaouais. This information is from a combination of sources with the Government of Québec. I attempt update this information as soon as I receive the updates from the sources.

Disclaimer: Even though this information is from reliable sources it is not and should not be considered official data.