COVID-19 Situation Relative to Scout Camp Otter Lake QC


If you are going to be at Scout Camp Otter Lake QC you must adhere to Scouts Canada's COVID-19 Directions and related Safety Requirements. The COVID-19 Directions and related Safety Requirements are available on the Scouts Canada website, under Resources and Safety menu items.

Scouts Canada has adopted a mandatory vaccination requirement for any and all in person activities effective 01 November 2021. As such, anyone at any Scouts Canada property, including Scout Camp Otter Lake QC must be double vaccinated against COVID-19 as of 01 November 2021. Verification of the Scouts Canada's members attending the camp are to be verified by their Group Commissioner to meet the necessary vaccination requirements. Scouts Canada reserves the right to deny access to anyone either not fully vaccinated or not willing to provide the necessary proof of vaccination against COVID-19 in accordance with the province of Québec's regulations.

For Scouts Canada Groups, sign-off by the Group's Group Commissioner satisfies the process.

For 3rd Party Organizations, a letter from the local person in charge providing a list of all persons who will or could be on the Scouts Canada Property, and that all confirmation the person in charge has confirmed all the person attending have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19