Re-Opening Maintenance Updates

The following pictures are related to the maintenance necessary to do as a result of the camp being closed and no maintenance done since the start of the COVID-19 Closing.

Scouter Alain Michaud and Scouter Philip Michaud at the Target Range where they cleared the range of all the trees that had been broken by the extreme storms the camp has had over the last 1 1/2 to 2 years. Because of the amount of downed trees and overgrowth on the original trail to the Target Range, it was decided it would be more timely and better use of our time and resources to marked out an alternate trail/road to the Target Range. Thank you Alain and Philip for doing all this work and on a hot humid day with drizzle and rain most of the time.


19 August 2021, Cleaned up the overgrowth on the site and installed the BBQ donated by Scouter Cal Clupp to the Camp. Also, cleared and widened the trail to the site from the road so that we can drive directly to the site as needed.

Cleared the road of overgrowth from the site to the Kybos and cleared the overgrowth in the Kybo area.