Scout Camp Otter Lake QC



As with most wilderness areas, we should be considered the visitors to the animals' native habitat. For your information there is a variety of animals on, around, or near the camp. If you are lucky enough to see some - excellent - but remember to take the appropriate precautions!

Some of the animals around the camp include:

  • Deer - there are about 4 or more deer that roam the property. If your lucky you may see them in the field area in the early morning or evening time.
  • Black Bears - There has been reports from Otter Lake residents and others in the area that there are black bears out and about. There has been no reports of any problems with the bears! They are just out an about primarily in the spring and fall! Please see the Bear Precautions page for information on what to do in case you encounter bear(s).
  • Coyotes - While none have been seen around the camp they have been reported in the general area.
  • Eagles - More than a couple of people have said there are a couple of bald eagles that frequent the area. Keep your eyes open and you may see them circling above.
  • Owls - If your awaken by a strange loud noise, it may be on of the near by owls.
  • Herons - Occasionally seen by the lake or in the bay areas.
  • Squirrels and Chipmunks - they are everywhere.
  • Raccoon - Some people tell me they are at camp but I have yet to see or hear one.

If you see any of these animals around the camp and do take a picture please post it on the camp's Facebook Site

Please exercise caution around animals! And do NOT FEED THEM!