Scott B. Lindstrom

Research Fellow, Alf van der Poorten Travelling Fellow, AustMS Lift-Off Fellow

Centre for Optimisation and Decision Science, Curtin University


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  • Mathematics, Curtin University



I presented at the VA & Opt seminar on a suite of methods I have introduced that minimize surrogates for Lyapunov functions. The recording is available here.

Stephen Arnold at Compass Learning Technologies has put together an excellent tutorial page and video for understanding the general base continued logarithm dynamical systems Jon Borwein, Neil Calkin, Andrew Mattingly, and I introduced. They are a very nice resource for anyone interested in exploring this area.

About Me

I am a mathematician at Curtin University. I use variational analysis and computational tools to study problems in nonlinear optimisation from a geometric standpoint. I work on splitting methods in particular, with applications including machine learning, data science, and signal recovery. In February 2019 I was awarded an AustMS Lift-Off Fellowship to fund my current project with Regina S Burachik and Minh N Dao on the Fitzpatrick Distance. In July 2019 I received the Alf van der Poorten Travelling Fellowship, which will support my project studying the relationship between convex conjugacy and projective duality. Some of my other current research projects include fixed point theory and gauge optimization, as well as error bounds for conic programming (with Bruno Lourenço, U Tokyo, and TK Pong, PolyU).

I earned my PhD at the Computer-Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications Priority Research Centre at University of Newcastle. It was founded by my adviser, Jonathan Borwein, who invited me to come to Australia to work with him. Jon passed away in August of 2016; he was a wonderful man, and he is greatly missed. A memorial page has been set up in his memory, and my personal reflections on my time with him are located here.

Following completion of my PhD, I was a postdoctoral fellow at Hong Kong Polytechnic University department of Applied Mathematics for two and a half years.