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Scott Keever is an online entrepreneur known for founding Scott Keever SEO in 2015. Scott's corporate background is from running one of the highest volume wireless stores in the country. He has been creating on the web since 2009 and has founded several successful companies.

Early Years

Scott Keever was born January 15th 1981 in Cincinnati Ohio. Scott attended high school at Lebanon High School and graduated in 1999. He then went to college at Miami University where he studied Business Management. Scott started his work career in retail while attending college. He worked for companies such as Circuit City and Verizon Wireless where he established himself as a top performer.

The Entrepreneur

Scott Keever is a Entrepreneur that is best known for his SEO (Search Engine Optimization) success with various local and large scale businesses. To date Scott's clients have had success getting over 500 different websites page 1 rankings in

Scott not only helps clients increase rankings in Google, he also helps the clients get access to traffic with buyer intent for their specific niche for better conversions. In addition to this, he also possesses the knowledge and skill sets to help clients increase their sales tremendously.

Scott Keever SEO

Scott Keever Search Engine Marketing is a top internet marketing agency focused on over-delivering for every client they assists. They have developed a specialized team of SEO strategist, visual designers, social media experts, conversion specialist and web designers. Scott Keever SEO was built on being transparent with customers and getting results. While they can’t guarantee rankings, they excel at delivering the best possible value for their clients and promise professional services backed by real results.

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