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WOF Experience was one of the very first "community bonus" games for the casino. When the bonus is triggered, players take turns selecting letters for a Wheel of Fortune puzzle on a giant monitor that is shared by all players.

The top image to the left is an early 3-D rendered prototype that was used to sell the concept to our manufacturing partner. The bottom image is the final product. Yes, somewhere along the way the footprint size of the entire design became less important as members of the IGT creative team took over the project.

Clicking on the top image will take you to an animated 3-D render with a slider bar that will allow you to scroll through different camera angles.

Duties performed:

  • Original game design and concept.
  • 3-D creation and rendering of prototype for sell presentation.
  • Artwork and animation for the final product.
  • Playable prototype development of game.
  • Math models for final product.