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This is a concept for a prototype Plinko kiosk. Ideally, a player collects "plinko tokens" at a standalone slot machine, which are tracked on their player's club card. At any point, the player can come to this kiosk and spend their tokens to play a round of Plinko.

The Plinko board is self-contained, there's a chain drive that lifts Plinko pucks from the bottom of the device, up the right size of the board. When activated by the player, the game releases a puck down the zig-zag track.

The player has an an additional input device: with a button, the bottom track is pulled into the back of the wall, letting the puck fall into the pegs at the location of the player.

Each of the bottom slots is associated with a LED display...these value randomize until the player "pops the track", creating a truly mathematically random experience.

You can click on the image to left or the title to see the animated 3-D render using a slide bar.

  • Original design and concept.
  • 3-D rendering of prototype for sell presentation.