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Mahjong Match is game with a complicated backstory, which can be told later. Ultimately, it is a game that was designed for the Multix Norwegian Online Lottery System, of which we've done numerous games for at LED.

The game is simple: it deals out 8 tiles, and the player wins credits on any match-3 or match-4 tile set. A match-3 tile set of Jacks, Queens, or Kings will award free games ( which, unlike most slot games, are NOT autoplayed ).

In the base game, occasionally one of the 8 dealt tile will be copied as a 9th tile.

In the free games, a wild-card joker is added to the deck, and there will always be copied 9th card.

Free games are only available at 5kr, 10kr, or 20kr bet levels, so be careful when changing your bet.

Duties performed:

  • Theme and concept.
  • Complete prototyping of game to use as a target for final implementation.
  • Math models.
  • Presentation and pacing.
  • Artwork design and direction.