Click the image above to play.

This game was introduced at the 2018 G2E tradeshow in the IGT booth. It takes a popular IGT theme and applies it to a unique combination of a 4-Play slot machine and the multi-strike play mechanic.

Duties performed:

  • Complete prototyping of game to use as a target for final implementation
  • Math models
  • Concept design ( of the branching multi-game feature )
  • Presentation and pacing
  • Animations and motion graphics (After Effects)

Due to the complexities of the presentation of this game, this demo has quite a bit of audio clipping due to the conversion to WebGL without optimization.

Also, to the left are two example of motion graphic animations that I produced for the game. The first is a long, looping attract mode animation calling out various features of the game.

The bottom animation is the "big event" of the game, transitioning from the base game to free spins, where the final multiplier for the free spins is revealed.