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It turns out that Multi-Strike Poker is actually a poker variant of the multi-strike feature I created for a Bunco game. While Bunco Nights has faded into obscurity, Multi-Strike Poker is Leading Edge Design's most powerful brand, having been expanded on with multiple variants of the history of the company.

The Wheel Poker version is the latest. The top 8x hand gets a multiplier boost from the wheel which is spun when the player is dealt a winning hand on the 8x hand.

This game was introduced at the 2018 G2E tradeshow in the IGT booth. Duties performed:

  • Complete prototyping of game to use as a target for final implementation.
  • Original Multi-Strike concept.
  • Math models ( for the wheel feature ).
  • Presentation and pacing ( for the wheel feature and sparkle effects ).
  • Artwork, design and direction.