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Aside from Multi-Strike Poker, the other long-running series of games that I had a hand in creating at Leading Edge Design was our series of Wild Tiles games ( starting with Gems Wild Tiles produced by IGT ). We have produced numerous reskins of the game with different bonus rounds for social casinos and online, some of which can be found at, TropWorld , Lucky North Casino, and Best Bet Casino. These titles include Bling!Bling!, Loki, and Magic.

Duties performed:

  • Theme and original Wild Tiles concept.
  • Complete prototyping of the Wild Tiles format.
  • Original math model for the base and bonus.
  • Presentation and pacing.
  • Art and animation.
  • Concept and math for themes that extend the series to further games.

This demo has a "bonus" button if you want to skip directly to the second screen bonus game, instead of playing through the base game, hoping for a bonus ( it's about 1 in 90 games or so ).