Experience • Integrity • HEart

SCOTT is a committed parent, volunteer, musician, engineer, collaborator and leader who puts kids first.


  • Promote high quality, well-rounded, public education

  • Foster meaningful and strong community engagement

  • Maintain fiscal responsibility

  • Collaborate with students, teachers, parents and administrators on important programs and policies

  • Solicit feedback from teachers, parents and faculty on ways to improve campus safety and security

  • Support inclusive programs for special education and students who learn differently

  • Encourage and support environmentally friendly campuses and programs

  • Build a positive school culture to acknowledge and address racism, sexism, harassment and bullying

  • Support the Parent Teacher Associations and the Saratoga Education Foundation

  • Adapt to the challenges of COVID-19


  • Saratoga Elementary PTA Executive Board, Executive Vice President (2019-2020)

  • Saratoga Elementary PTA Executive Board, Vice President of Programs (2017-2019)

  • Worked closely with the Saratoga Elementary principal and teachers on new and existing programs

  • Managed the Saratoga Elementary School musical (2020)

  • Responsible for public PTA budgets, contracts, fundraising and corporate matching

  • Engineering manager for over 10 years

  • Active school volunteer for over 9 Years: classroom, school events, emcee for school parties and much, much, more

  • Saratoga Little League volunteer: lead team score keeper, prepared and lined fields, etc. (2016-2020)

  • Volunteer coach for Los Gatos/Saratoga Recreation youth basketball

  • Parent of two children (grades 6 & 8) who have attended SUSD schools since kindergarten