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Scott Yancey is a Real estate professional and is a publishing author, who started to invest in the Real estates, since a young age. He started to invest in Real estate at the young age of 14. He purchased a small sized second trust deed on a home, which was located at Studio City, California. He earned 14% of interest from that particular interest.

He got a job as a runner, when he started college and as per the suggestion made by his boss at the work, he got his real estate license and within a matter of time, he got a lot of profit, which made him to quit his college to embark on the career in Real estate on a full time basis. His boss has turned into a mentor, friend and a partner in the Real estate deals. He has got years of valuable experience of working with his mentors, Walter and Jon D Quitiquit.

He gained significant expertise in purchasing a land, subdividing the purchased land and then selling more than thousands of lots to the larger sized home builders. With the next boom of real estate market, he got Jon and Walter as his partners and investors and with the new program, he was able to sell lots to the developers and this was done with the flip land deals. This fetched huge amount of profits for him in return. Even though he got a huge success right out of it, he and his wife Amie decided to heed the warning signs that the builders were slowing down purchasing the lots from him and they decided to leave the Real estate niche completely for a certain period of time. The plan was to take few years time off to return to the market, when it was back in business. However, the plan changed, when he came to know that the Las Vegas real estate market was offering great deals and he realized that taking time off from the market was a very bad move as different markets simply had different opportunities for profit. He realized that he had almost missed the biggest real estate sale in the history by thinking of his business life as single road to profit.

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After that time, he and his wife has found new success in large measures in the real estate markets of Las Vegas, Nevada and various other cities and states across US. The remodeling and the flipping properties is one of the most lucrative ventures out there. A&E network television got an interest with his work and he later on created and is the executive producer of the hit TV series, “Flipping Vegas”. The husband-wife duo team created an effective synergy, which effectively attracted millions of views as audience of this hit TV series. They also found overwhelmingly positive response to the show every season.

After his amazing success in the Real estate niche, he has moved towards some other ventures as well. There are some non-profit charitable organizations, with whom he has partnered with. These organizations provides home to the servicemen and women, who have been wounded in the combat, when serving the country. In order to share the insights of the real estate investment, he also came together with the prominent leaders of the industry. He also has published a book called “Go Time” and another book titled, “Flipping your way to real estate profits”. One can also check the various Scott Yancey reviews online. These Scott Yancey real estate reviews are from the satisfied clients, who were benefitted by his work.

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He conveys the message to the greater audience who are interested in Real estate investment that, “there is always a deal, but knowing what you are doing is the key to make money”. This is regardless of how the market is in as it would be a mistake to take a break from the market, hoping for it to revive later on. With the extensive amount of experience gained from the investments made in the real estate, Scott and Amie Yancey became dedicated to mentoring and teaching the other aspiring and interested entrepreneurs about the basics and provides insight of the market and investing in real estate. The Scott Yancey events are held in various cities and states, which offer the educational training right from the experts, which are designed to help those who are looking to invest in real estate.

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From the website of Scott Yancey, one will be able to get various types of informational blog posts about real estate investment, Scott Yancey real estate Events, Scott Yancey seminars and other important topics relating to real estate. One can check out the Scott Yancey seminar reviews online. There are also various important tips and advices offered to one regarding the flipping property and one can also check the social media pages of Scott Yancey and get further updated about various events and information.

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