5 Tips: How to Get a Nice Full Beard

It is popular with a large and full-bodied beard that is owning masculinity.

But it is far from everyone who naturally is able to grow a nice and big full beard.

"It is in our DNA and is therefore genetic. So either you are born with a nice hair power or you are not. And then there's not much you can do about it, he says. Does Beardilizer Work

It can take anywhere from four to eight weeks to grow a full beard, depending on how fast your hair grows. But just because you have enough beard growth on your face does not mean that you naturally also get a nice full beard.

It requires commitment, patience and lots of care, says Jesper Hvejsel, founder of, and has been working on male grooming for many years.

Here you get the tips of experts to grow a nice and well-kept full beard.

1) Drop Shave

For the first four to eight weeks it is important that you let the beard grow. And while it may be tempting to trim the wildly splendid hair, you're wise to leave.

But that does not mean you have to worry. According to experts, it is important to keep the beard well-groomed and soigned throughout the process.

A good rule of thumb is therefore to bounce and correct each other to third day. Use a beard to cut the hair that stretches in different directions so that the beard looks blessed.

The hairs between the backbones and the beard neglect many men, so be sure to cut the hair with the scissors.

You can remove the hairs on the throat with a scraper.

2) Clean the Skin

"It's a myth that your hair grows faster if you're wearing your skin. However, it is important nevertheless to avoid both irritations and feces, says the skin specialist.

Clean the skin one to two times a day with a mild soap-free cleanser to remove accumulated grease, dirt and dead skin cells that lay on top of the skin.

3) Exfoliate the Skin

Make it part of your routine every night before bedtime using a product containing salicylic acid. It works exfoliating on the skin, is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

4) Wash the Beard

Like the hair on the head, the beard should not be washed with shampoo as often as you think. If you wash it too much, remove the natural fat that is on top of the hair.

Rinse it with water when you go to bed and use a beard shampoo two to three times a week, expert in male grooming Jesper Hvejsel. The shampoo may also seem soothing to the itch.

5) When the Beard is to be Formed

After eight weeks you can start shaping the beard with the trimmer. How the beard is to be shaped varies from man to man.

It can be both difficult and really annoying if you are going to make a mistake with the trimmer. Therefore, Jesper Hvejsel advises that you go to a professional for the first time.

"They can help shape the beard, and so it's much easier to keep fit," he says.

Eat Sensibly

Healthy hair growth also requires a sensible, varied diet because lack of vitamins and nutrients can affect hair growth. Among those with known importance for hair growth are Vitamin B, C and D and iron.

A good diet contains good fruit and vegetables, different kinds of meat, fish, whole grain and dairy products, among other things - and like a lot of different things.

Such a varied diet will usually provide you with the vitamins and trace elements you need and are better than supplements in the form of vitamin pills! On the other hand, if you eat very unilaterally, you may be missing vitamins, minerals or trace elements, and it will usually give a whole host of other symptoms and not just inhibit hair growth.

No vitamins or supplements have well-documented promotional effects on hair growth when their general needs are covered - there is no more gain from eating extra of them.

Exercise and Sleep

A healthy lifestyle that, in addition to the good food, also includes regular exercise and adequate sleep will create the best conditions for all the body's functions, including healthy hair growth.

Exercise is, for example, strengthening and regulating circuits and metabolism, while a good sleep is, inter alia, a prerequisite for the formation of growth hormone. Long-term stress, on the other hand, can affect the body negatively in many ways, among other things, there are stress-related types of hair loss.

Some types of medicines may also affect hair and including beard growth, including some types of antihypertensive agents, antidepressants and epilepsy medicines. If you get any kind of medicine, I would advise you to discuss with the doctor who will print it to you, if it can affect you.

Shaving does not Work

That shaving should make the hair grow stronger afterwards does not hold - it does not change the hair as such to cut it off, but the cut hair ends are thicker and therefore will work more strongly.

So my best advice is to take good care of your body and find your own style, whether it's very, little or no beard ...

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