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How To Get A Nice Full Beard

Beard requires commitment - it can be an adventure trip, can you even whine a full beard? Why does the beard grow? How does it grow? And quite basically, why not just groan a beard? Logically, because shaving is the norm and letting the beard stand is the exception. And yet ... for the past few years, there has been a tendency to let his beard grow. So maybe not so much courage and persuasion to jump into it.

Whether you can grow a beard or not, it depends largely on the genetic. Beard is genetically determined and there is not much you can do about anything other than accepting it. But if you've been wearing a facial hairpiece, you should try it out at least once in your lifetime - even if it's just a bet.


It may be that you are surprised and choose to keep your beard, otherwise it is your decision and your opinion alone as a census. If you find that you can not grow a proper full beard, then shave it back and you are now the experience richer. At least you now know where your options in relation to beard growth lie.

Step 1 - Drop shave

Stop shaving and raising your beard.

Do it for a while when you have vacation or something else, and do not worry about what others want or think of your new beard.

Step 2 - Clean your skin

Be sure to keep your skin clean. Wash with soap and water every morning and evening - clean skin encourages growth. Also, remember to wash your beard every day - the longer the beard becomes, the greater the potential for it to smell a little.

Scotch Porter Beard

Step 3 - Scrub your full beard

Use a face scrub once a week to remove the dead skin cells. It will stimulate your hair growth and give you a far more beautiful beard. We recommend Njord scrub which is a mild scrub.

Step 4 - Get plenty of sleep

Make sure you get a lot of rest - sleep helps to repair the damaged skin cells, which promotes your beard growth.

Step 5 - The healthy way to a full beard

Remember! Vitamins and supplements, as well as a healthy lifestyle. If necessary, introduce 2.5 mg. Biotin daily - a dietary supplement that helps hair and nails to grow. If possible also vitamin B for a part of your daily routine. Especially vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are really good at helping to grow your hair. Also increase the amount of protein for your diet - protein is found in meat, fish, eggs and nuts.

Also, remember to drink a lot of water, this helps in your general metabolism and helps to give you a long, thick, healthy and beautiful beard.

Good Advice for your Beard Growth

Use a cream with eucalyptus - this helps the beard to grow faster.

Remove any dry skin - dampened skin creates a better environment and helps make your beard grow.

Handle stress in a healthy and relaxed manner - beard grows faster when you are relaxed and many health experts believe that hair reveals how stressful you are.

Exercise improves blood circulation on the face, which promotes hair growth.

It does not help to trim the beard in the course, let it grow for 4-6 weeks and soothe it afterwards.

Use a beard oil so your beard does not smell badly - especially this trick is for the ladies!

One mistake many make is to start shaping and shaving too early. Even though you have planned a very specific beard, you should not touch it in the first four weeks if you want a nice beard.

Scotch Porter
Scotch Porter Beard
Scotch Porter Beard

The Right Products For The Full Beard

After the four weeks you can start shaping - the most important thing here is that you define a throat and line. And it's completely impossible to do it yourself, so seek help from a professional to help you shape it the first time. In general, however, it's a good idea to let the line run as it is. So, unless your beard starts by the eyes, let it look natural.

And do not let it go out of itch, wash your beard daily with shampoo and any conditioner, and your skin will quickly get used to your new hairpower. If you experience itching for prolonged periods, try with baby oil to moisten the skin.

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