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Karoline C. Baldus, PhD, Coastal Carolina University

PROJECT TITLE: Characterization of cell lines derived from a novel transgenic mouse model with inducible expression of wild-type or mutant TSG101.

The project was done in collaboration with the Wagner laboratory at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The Wagner laboratory had previously established a novel mouse model with inducible expression of the Tumor Susceptibility Gene 101 (Tsg101) in the mammary gland using the TetO-system. Our group started analyzing these cell lines in regard to successful expression of the transgene and its effect on cells upon doxycyline exposure during the Summer Coastal Research Experience as part of the CCU-INBRE program.

With SC INBRE funding, three research students were payed through these funds during the summer. Research reagents such as cell culture medium, fetal bovine serum, etc, western blot analysis reagents and lab consumables were purchased from grant money. The funding thus played a critical role in the advancement of the project.

Students were successful in showing expression of the transgene upon doxycycline expression. They produced critical preliminary data in regard to the effects of exogenous Tsg101 expression on endogenous Tsg101 expression levels and were able to optimize doxycycline exposure to test for maximal levels of exogenous Tsg101 expression. They also generated preliminary data in regard to the effect of exogenous Tsg101 expression on cell proliferation as well as expression levels of proteins that interact with Tsg101.

October 6, 2017