Bioinformatics Summer Workshop series 2018

2018 Summer Bioinformatics Workshops Schedule

Workshops will be held every morning with times varying depending upon interests and schedules. If you plan to attend in person, sessions will be in the Horizon II building on the USC campus (550 Assembly St.), Room 2238. Please let us know ahead of time if you will be attending in person so that we can move to a larger space if needed. In addition, every morning we will send out an invitation for a meeting using WebEx. By following this link you will be able to attend the workshop live online. We will also record and post these sessions on YouTube and make the link available to those of you who cannot attend in person or live.

Contact: Casey Cole, Ph.D Candidate, University of South Carolina, Department of Computer Science, Computational Biology Lab,

  • June 4-8: Introduction to Linux
  • June 11-15: Basic Programming in Python
  • July 9-13: Introductory Data Analysis in R
  • July 16-20: Introduction to Machine Learning and It's Applications

For more info, contact:

Dr. Homayoun Valafar, email, (803) 777-2404

YouTube Channel

Introduction to Linux Workshop (June 4-8)

Go to our lab's YouTube channel. There you will find some short videos on Linux that were recorded as part of last year's workshop series. These are a good resource to get familiar with the subjects that we will cover. If you do not already have Linux installed on your machine, the first video in the series will walk you through the steps of downloading and installing Linux as a VirtualBox on your Mac or PC.

  • Day 1: Linux Commands (PDF)
  • Days 2 and 3: Commands (PDF)
  • Day 4: Commands (PDF)

Basic Programming in Python (June 11-15, 12 to 1 pm EST)

Before the workshop begins you should ensure that you have some way of running Python on your machine. You have many options! The first of which is the website: . This site will let you code in a variety of languages (including Python) and execute alongside your code.

For those of you that will want to code “offline,” you can follow the installation guides on for your specific operating system.

Either option will work for the scope of this workshop! Questions? Contact Casey Cole,

Introductory Data Analysis in R

Introduction to Machine Learning and It's Applications