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Welcome to Mr. Trimble's science website! I teach 7th grade Science, 8th grade Science, 8th grade STEM, and 8th grade Math at Franklin School in Corvallis, OR. This site contains information and resources intended for students, parents, and teachers.

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8th Grade

8th Grade

3D Makerspace

The north wall of our classroom features two 3D printers and related supplies for our 3D makerspace. It also houses our reptile terrarium, pet-wall, and mealworm colony.

This recent local atmospheric event demonstrated the effect of refraction on the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (used as an Anchoring Event for our unit study on Light Waves):

Pets in the Classroom

An Australian desert reptile lives inside our classroom here in the cold, rainy Pacific Northwest. Groot the Bearded Dragon teaches students about herpetology, genetic diversity, and the effects of IR & UV radiation on cold-blooded animals.