NGSS at Creekside!!!

Welcome to Science at Creekside 2018-2019!!!!

Welcome to Science and Engineering at Creekside Elementary! With the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards, it is such an exciting time for our students to learn about problem solving and the world around them!

It is our hope that science will be a time during the day that is not only interesting, but a subject that is anticipated throughout the week. We are excited to provide our Comets with an engaging and inquiry-based engineering design experience. Our goal is to create learners that are excited about thinking creatively when confronted with novel challenges and persisting throughout their thinking processes in order to become confident and successful learners. We can do this by working closely with our students to provide individualized instruction to meet everyone's needs. We will set high, but attainable standards that we are confidant every child will meet as well as have a wonderful school year!

First Grade Fun:

  • Designing Lighting Systems
  • Designing Plant Packages
  • Animal Sounds
  • Designing Solar Ovens

Second Grade:

  • Improving a play dough process
  • Designing Walls
  • Designing Hand Pollinators

3rd Grade:

  • Designing Bridges
  • Cleaning an Oil Spill

4th Grade

  • Designing Earthquake Resistant Buildings
  • Replicating an Artifact
  • Designing Solar Ovens

5th Grade

  • Designing a Parachute
  • Designing Submersibles
  • Designing Water Filters
  • Model Membranes