Scholarly Mutual Aid for Lebanon

Photo credit: Hiba Bou Akar, October 20, 2019


This initiative aims to connect scholars and researchers in institutions outside Lebanon with scholars, researchers, editors, photographers, web designers, data analysts, and translators in Lebanon. Since many of us are unable to travel to Lebanon for the foreseeable future, we can use our research funds to hire people in Lebanon to collaborate on different kinds of scholarly research: in-person interviews, archival research (such as newspaper archives), library research (such as AUB libraries, IFPO, the Librairie Orientale), translation, transcription, fieldwork. Tasks could also involve data analytics, web design, and editing services. We are also happy to add categories that people think would be helpful to have.

Here is how this mutual aid initiative works:

1- Fill in the Google Form: We have two forms at the bottom of this page: one is for researchers outside Lebanon who are looking to hire people in Lebanon. The second form is for those in Lebanon who are able to provide the listed tasks.

2- If you are seeking research support in Lebanon: Use the list of providers to find a Lebanon-based provider and contact them using the email address they listed. It is your responsibility to check qualifications and define expectations. Please make sure you specify deadlines and arrange a payment method. If you are requesting involved research, please discuss with the provider how they would like to be acknowledged in the research output.

3- If you are a Researcher/Editor/Translator/Web Designer/Photographer/Data Analyst based in Lebanon: Search this list to find an opportunity you are interested in. Use the email provided to contact the relevant scholar for additional information about the requested task.

4- Once you have found a match or if you have been hired: Please notify us at <smalebanon2020[at]gmail[dot]com> so that we can update the list to reflect this. If you need a new task performed or are available to do work again, you can add your name again by completing the form. There is no limit to the number of times you can submit forms.


If you are a Principal Investigator seeking to fill a doctoral or postdoctoral position: Please email us at <smalebanon2020[at]gmail[dot]com> and we will post your announcement on this page.

If you are a qualified graduate in Lebanon looking for a doctoral or postdoctoral position: Search this page. We will update it whenever we receive new announcements.


For US-based scholars: The easiest way to pay providers is to set up them up as a vendor with your university in the United States. (There is some paperwork involved. Please contact your institution's finance office to inquire about such a process).

For scholars outside the US: Please contact us at <smalebanon2020[at]gmail[dot]com> with the relevant information about payment from your institution, and we will add this information as it comes in.

For researchers in Lebanon: One way to receive payment is by setting up a fresh money account in a Lebanese bank that still follows the fresh money process. That way, the person hiring you can transfer your fees in dollars to your account and you can hopefully be able to withdraw them in dollars. You can also request to arrange for other forms of payment if it is more suitable for you.

Photo Credit: "Beirut, Lebanon" by Stephen Downes is licensed under Creative Commons


We are a group of academics and researchers in the United States working together to support researchers and students in Lebanon during the unfolding economic crisis.

For thoughts, questions, and inquiries, you can reach us at: smalebanon2020[at]gmail[dot]com