Meet the Team

The student leaders that bring our car to the racetrack.

"I joined because learning from classmates with more experience than me is really important to my personal growth." - Isabella Mora '23

Leadership Board

Zachary McNulty

Lead Engineer / Systems Lead

Zachary is a senior studying mechanical engineering and a PDP graduate student studying computer science. From Seattle, he formerly worked as an automotive technician, with a focus on hybrid and EV technology, fabrication, and diagnostics. He is passionate about the combination of creativity and technology, and enjoys riding his bike and reading in the sun.

Jessica Vela Guevara

Chassis Lead

From Tlaxcala, Mexico, Jessica is a junior helping with the assembly of the suspension. She likes to play the ukulele and dance her heart out when she can.

Preauz Alam

Powertrain Lead

Preauz is a senior born in Los Angeles, California, studying Mechanical Engineering. He is currently the lead for the battery design team. On his free time he likes to build UAVs and going out on trips to fly them in scenic areas.

Anna Shaposhnik


Anna is is a freshman from San Jose, California, studying Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation with a background in doing mechanical and branding on a FIRST Robotics team. She is excited to help with SC Electric's branding as well as get hands-on with the vehicle! Her favorite fruit of all time is the mango.

Bharat Deshkulkarni


Bharat is a second year graduate student from Karnataka, India, pursuing Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Loves movies, reading thrillers and Soccer.

Eli Kotelov


Eli is from Chicago, Illinois, and is a senior PDP student studying Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering - Energy Conversion. He is currently working on battery component research to optimize energy density and performance, as well as our business strategy for our competition presentation. Eli is passionate about innovative cleantech and spends his free time learning about the newest in that space. He also loves to spend time with his dogs, family, friends and any activity in/around nature.

Isabella Mora


Isabella is a sophomore from Costa Mesa, California, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. She is excited to be part of her first team at USC and learn about the inner workings of an electric vehicle. In her free time she likes to learn dance covers.

Joseph Weissig


Joseph is from Fullerton, California, studying Mechanical Engineering. He likes to try new restaurants and explore new places!

Joshua Gan


Joshua is a junior born and raised in Los Angeles, California, studying Mechanical Engineering. He is primarily working on assembling the cooling system and chassis for the vehicle. In his free time, he enjoys driving around LA to try new foods and visit new sites.

Lauren Sciullo


Lauren is a freshman from Golden, Colorado, studying Mechanical Engineering. She is a member of the Battery team. In her free time Lauren likes to jump horses (she has a horse named Congo) and run. A fun fact about Lauren is that she is a coffee fanatic and loves to explore coffee shops across the globe.

Nancy Aguilar


Nancy is a junior from Ventura, California, studying International Relations and Global Business. She works on the Business/Media team. She knows three languages and misspelled the word 'fancy' at her third grade spelling bee even though it's one letter away from her own name. She's doing the spell-check for this site.

Rachel Eng


Rachel is a junior from Chicago, Illinois, studying Mechanical Engineering. She loves music and finding new creative outlets. In the background of all her study sessions, you can hear an episode of The Office playing.

Rubinder Sekhon


Rubinder is a junior from the Bay Area in Hayward, California, studying Mechanical Engineering. She is currently working on determining specifications for a battery and formulating a business plan for the team. In her free time, she likes to garden with her parents and go on hikes.

Rudrendu Mahindar


Rudrendu is from Los Angeles, California. He is a graduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering and is currently working with the Systems team. He is passionate about creating high-performance smart systems and enjoys working at the hardware/software intersection of embedded systems. He is a sports aficionado with major inclination to playing pingpong, football, cricket.

Steve Hornyak


Steve is a senior studying Computer Science and Computer Engineering. He is a member of the Systems and Communications teams, where he helps design the electrical components of the car and how car interacts with the driver. When not helping out the race team or studying, he can be found reading, watching Netflix, or cooking new and exciting things in the kitchen.


Professor Yann Staelens


Associate Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Practice at the University of Southern California. Currently pioneering research on experimental fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, aircraft design, computer-aided design, and wind energy. When not researching or teaching, he is an incredible advisor for the SC Electric Team.

Oswin Almeida


Oswin hails from Mumbai, India, and was a Masters student at USC studying Mechanical Engineering. He is helping the powertrain and the battery team with structural design and analysis. He loves going out on long drives and having deep conversations with friends.

Student Insights

"This is a team that has allowed me to learn more about designing the components of an electric car and actually get a chance to implement them as well. Electric cars are the future and I want to be a part of it." - Bharat Deshkulkarni '21

"I joined SC Electric because I am fascinated by cars and how they work. I didn't know anything about cars before I joined, but I have already learned so much and I can't wait to keep learning. I specifically joined the Electric team because I think electric cars are a step in the right direction for the future of cars. To me, joining SC electric means I am a part of something that is new and has a bright, exciting future." - Lauren Sciullo '24

"I'm interested in experiencing the development of subsystems which act as different modules communicating via CAN across different parts of the vehicle and coding to handle the communication, MCU/RTOS, HIL/SIL testing." - Rudrendu Mahindar '21

"The transportation industry is undergoing a paradigm shift; vehicle electrification in union with renewable energy will enable society to curb emissions enough to protect the beautifully complex ecosystems that have evolved on our planet. FSAE allows me to directly participate in this transformation and contribute towards a sustainable future." - Eli Kotelov '21