COVID-19 Research Portal

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Welcome to the Keck School of Medicine COVID-19 Research Portal.

This site is intended to support multiple research initiatives involving COVID-19. This site provides a one-stop portal for sharing your COVID-19 research project ideas for collaboration and exploring other ongoing COVID-19 research. You will find links to COVID-19 research ongoing at KSOM. Below you can also find directions to submit proposals requesting access to clinical biospecimens and patients, and also directions to request reopening of your laboratory for preclinical COVID-19 research and to access specialized BSL3 facilities.

How to use this site:

  1. Share your current project with our research community and explore the projects shared by others here.

  2. Need access to patients, biospecimens, BSL2, BSL2+, or BSL3 labs? Apply for resources.

  3. We have curated informational and research resources here.

For our Los Angeles Community Partners:

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