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Our Mission: The mission of South Bay Sustainable Communities Network is to build healthy and sustainable communities by encouraging them to create lasting change in their daily lives through education and community engagement in environmental conservation, neighborhood composting, and sustainable urban farming.

Our Vision: Our vision is to reduce our impact on our planet for a healthy, safe, and livable future.

"We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."

- Howard Zinn

our orgin story

I was raised during the time when we were taught not to “trash” the earth. I remember commercials with the Native American shedding a tear about the pollution in the rivers, open space areas, and national parks. I’ve always been very conscious of my behavior and others around me. I’ve never been afraid to let people know that they dropped trash, even if it was a lit cigarette. Our society needs to know that we want a place to live that is clean, healthy and safe.

In 1986, I was fortunate enough to take a trip to the island of Taiwan to visit my relatives. My family lived in Taipei, the capital, and my mother warned me that it was so dirty that I found out it was known to the world as "Trash Island". During my visit, we visited a beautiful park up in the Mountains at the edge of the city. This was a popular picnic site where the locals and people played in the stream flowing down the mountainside. I was shocked to see in the same stream was trash and diapers floating past the people. I saw a family leave their picnic site with the day’s trash left on the ground behind. I did my best to inform the family that this was not acceptable and made them take the trash out with them.

20 years later in 2006, I visited Taipei again for family reasons. I was shocked to see the city streets clean, and no trash anywhere. People were outside enjoying their clean city without masks. Most noticeable was when I got into trouble for throwing a fruit seed in the trash at my aunt’s house. She showed me the compost shoot for any food scraps. She also informed me that they receive big fines for not properly sorting their trash. This is when it came to me, Taiwan cleaned up their island and city in 20 years, and created healthy, happy and safe communities, and we in the U.S. still can’t even recycle correctly.

I realized the need to educate our community about the impact of pollution in our community and our environment. We also need to work with the city government and elected officials to implement sustainable ordinances and create a positive change.

We need to get back to basics, grow gardens, and create urban forest for sequestration and our native and migrating species. Give back to our community and make sustainable changes.

  • Tina Matthias

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Join us saturday October 22, 2022 for beautify chula vista!

Beautify Chula Vista 2021:

A big thank you to all of the volunteers that came out to help us clean up our community! Without them we wouldn't have been able to remove 3,140 pounds of trash!

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a sustainable


Local youths taking charge of their future at school!

Neighborhood Composting

Through master composters, we aim to teach the importance of sustainability, divert waste from local landfills with neighborhood composting, and provide zero waste education, resources, and supplies to local residents.

local Clean ups

We lead local cleanups in parks, refuges, the bay, and throughout neighborhoods as a community effort to keep our watershed clean.

Local Hikes

We lead local hikes throughout South San Diego to encourage both an active lifestyle and the enjoyment of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

community Workshops

Join us for one of our community workshops that include vermiculture 101 - worm compost bins, different types of succulent arramgements, and up-cycled garden art creations!

Community outreaches

Contact us for participation and volunteering, or if you would like us to participate as a vendor at your event!

Sustainable garden tours

Learn about local sustainble gardens through our guided tours!

Food rescue

These wonderful people have resuced over 2,500 pounds of edible food from going into the landfill!

Covid-19 has created a plastic disaster! Single-use plastic bans that have been passed are not being enforced and it is taking a toll on the environment. Supporting restaurants with take home food options has brought on a surge of single-use plastic utensils, straws, bags, and condiment packages. Though useful when eating in a non-home environment, taking these items just to eat at home becomes unnecessary and wasteful! Let's be conscious of the environment and practice sustainability when placing take-out or delivery orders and not include these single-use plastics in our orders. Join us in our "Opt Out Takeout Plastics Campaign" to help reduce single-use plastics in our landfill and cut restaurant expenses by not having to provide these plastics!

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