BD2K-LINCS Data Science Symposium

Systems biology of cellular perturbations

May 16-18, 2017

Cincinnati, OH

BD2K-LINCS Data Science Symposium has officially concluded. The video recordings of all the symposium talks may be accessed by clicking the following Echo360 links:

The BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center (DCIC) and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center present the second annual BD2K-LINCS Data Science Symposium (DSS 2017) on May 16-18, 2017.

The symposium will bring together data scientists and translational scientists from academia, industry and government to discuss uses of big data in biomedicine. The general theme of the symposium is the systems biology of perturbation signatures and applications in drug development, translational biomedicine and environmental health. Talks will address a range of issues related to leveraging Big Data in translational research including FAIR data principles and the emerging NIH Big Data ecosystem. The program will also provide a survey of data science research pertaining to BD2K (Big Data to Knowledge) and LINCS (Library of Network-Based Cellular Signatures) consortia.

The symposium will feature invited talks, poster session, and selected poster presentation sessions. Special session on Big Data in Environmental Health will be held in the afternoon of May 16. For the list of invited speakers please refer to the Agenda page. To participate, please Register free of charge.

The symposium is organized by the BD2K-LINCS DCIC, the U54 center jointly funded by NIH BD2K and LINCS programs (U54HL127624). The objective of the DCIC is to apply state of the art data science principles and methods in stewarding, integrating and analyzing data generated by the LINCS project. The session on Big Data in Environmental Health is co-sponsored by the Center for Environmental Genetics (ES06096). The symposium is co-sponsored by Center for Clinical & Translational Science & Training (CCTST).

DSS 2017 is co-localized with the Computational Biophysics and Systems Biology (CBSB2017) workshop (May 18-20) and the Midwest Precision Genomics (MPG 2017) workshop (May 19). The joint session on Big Data in systems biology with the Computational Biophysics will be held in the afternoon on May 18.

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