Team-Teach: Positive Behaviour Management Training

With regards to Team Teach Training - Steve Brown Behaviour Support & Training Ltd is a Team Teach Training Company owned and operated under Licence by Steve Brown for Birmingham, Dudley, Walsall, Solihull.

From January to July 2019 we delivered Team-Teach Training 38 times!

We offer one day Level 1 courses on site (closed) and 'catch up (open) courses for staff who were absent on the day or are new to school. We can also offer 2 day, Level 2 Courses and advanced modules.

If your school has had training and you would like refresher training or top up training for specific events/needs please get in touch.

Certificates expire after 3 years in mainstream settings. 3 hour refresher training can be arranged to continue for another 3 years (new certificates issued).

Steve Brown Behaviour Support & Training Ltd hols a licence to deliver Team-Teach Training inn Birmingham, Walsall, Dudley and Solihull.

Please ask for our prices.

What is Team Teach?

(extracts from Team-Teach Ltd website)

"Team Teach is an accredited, award-winning provider of positive behaviour management and training, equipping individuals and teams in a variety of settings to deal with challenging situations and behaviours in ways that lead to desirable outcomes and positive relationships at work or in daily life.

Practical, accessible training developed over the course of 20 years

Founded in 1997 by George Matthews, a teacher with 20 years’ experience, Team Teach is on a mission to equip everyone with the tools they need to understand behaviour and manage challenging situations, at work or in daily life, in a positive and respectful manner.

To do this, we provide reasoned, researched and considered positive behavioural management training solutions which are delivered by experienced and knowledgeable trainers and designed to help safely manage the behaviour of children and adults in a variety of educational, health and social care settings.

Our training courses are designed for everyone, at any level, in any situation. We want to empower individuals from all walks of life to manage challenging, emotionally-charged interactions in a positive, respectful way.

Tailored training solutions which drive positive outcomes

Our training solutions are tailored to the needs of both individuals and organisations. Our trainers consider the settings in which attendees work, the nature of care they provide and the common problems they encounter to deliver practical solutions that lead to real change.

All our training is built on a foundation of respect, both for the responsibility of those we instruct and for the dignity of the children and adults who are the real beneficiaries of our training. We aim to foster cultures of support, helping people recognise the needs of those they work with, offer help where necessary, and be able to make use of support when offered.

Strategies that lower risk and minimise intrusive physical intervention

The positive behaviour management strategies that Team Teach develops and promotes emphasise team building, personal safety, communication, and verbal and non-verbal de-escalation techniques for dealing with challenging behaviour which reduce the need for physical intervention. As a last resort, we also teach positive handling techniques to resolve conflicts in ways that are safe, and which provide opportunities for repair and reflection for everyone involved.

We enable services to develop acceptable and authorised responses to disruptive, disturbing, angry and aggressive behaviours in a manner that maintains positive relationships and provides safety for all, helping reduce the number of serious incidents involving physical controls, and raising the awareness of the importance of recording, reporting, monitoring and evaluating all incidents involving positive handling.

We see positive handling as just one part of a whole-setting approach to behaviour management. As such, our framework is entirely compatible with Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) approaches for people with learning disabilities.


8/9/18 All Team-Teach Courses are now CPD accredited

22/8/18 Team Teach Joins Empowering Learning and TimePlan Education Group


Evaluations consistently comment positively on

  • knowledge and experience of the trainers
  • de-escalation
  • positive approaches
  • enthusiasm of trainers
  • presentation skills - humour
  • avoiding holding wherever possible

Stats: in September 2018, 288 staff were trained and feedback for attitude and knowledge were both scored at 100% excellent.

Holistic approach, safety and value of training was scored at 99% excellent (100% very good or excellent).