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Talk Boost KS2 Talk Boost KS2 is an eight-week intervention which accelerates the language development of children aged 7-10 years old struggling with delayed language. • More than three quarters of children who participated reached expected levels in understanding language, compared to 26% before the programme. • After participating in Talk Boost KS2 64% of children reached expected levels in their ability to listen carefully, a vital skill for understanding what is happening in the classroom, compared to 19% before the programme.

A local (Birmingham) Primary have used it and were amazed (as was I!) at the remarkable difference Talk Boost KS2 made to the Year 4 pupils involved: The target group ALL MADE PROGRESS (as we would expect) 3 of the 4 pupils were assessed pre-intervention as having age skills below 7 years. One had skills for age 7-8 (one was significantly low). The child who had significantly low skills reached the 7-8 year mark by improving by more points than they originally scored!!! The other 3 all scored in 9-10 range post intervention. WOW!! So 3 pupils started with score equivalent to KS1 (at least 2 years behind) and came out with scores for Y4 (1 pupil) and Y5 (3 pupils) which is higher than their year group. Not only that - the skills were transferred to class and noticed by their teachers. "Pupils have demonstrated considerable confidence, putting their hand up within class, able to listen and understand instructions, to write stories, understanding sequences and to stand up publicly and speak to the whole class and/or school (Easter Play). Whereby before Talk Boost were unable to establish independent thoughts, understanding, demonstrate how to follow clear instructions or interpret due to lack of listening skills and other skills identified by the teachers." (Permission to share results was given by the SENCO May 2018.)

Targeted, well planned interventions really do work and are worth the investment!!

Below you will find information on the intervention from ICAN who devised it - it describes best practice and target groups.

Although the design is for 7-10 year old's with delayed language it can also help pupils in secondary who have very delayed speech and language or pupils with EAL as it's all about the underlying language skills of sequencing, thinking and vocabulary (amongst other things). It was trialed and the results are from it being used in what I would describe as a 'pure' form. It has great ideas for whole class and good practice at upper KS1.

What is Talk Boost KS2?

Talk Boost KS2 is a targeted intervention for children in Years 3, 4 and 5 (7-10 year olds) who have delayed language development, aiming to boost their language skills to help them to catch up with their peers. It consists of small group sessions, three times a week over a period of 8 weeks run by trained teaching assistants. The sessions focus on aspects of language that develop during this period, and which are needed for learning in Key Stage 2. There are additional whole class and home-based activities.

Talk Boost KS2 was trialled in a carefully designed study with active and comparison groups. The evaluation showed that after eight weeks of running the intervention children made significant progress in language and communication, with 67% catching up with their peers in understanding language. Learning in the classroom was easier; children joined in more, took part in discussions more and listened more carefully. Questionnaires used with parents showed that 85% saw that their children's language skills had improved.

Click here for evidence base - evaluation

Who is the Talk Boost KS2 intervention aimed at?

Talk Boost KS2 is designed for children whose language and communication skills are developing typically but are below what is expected for their age. The children should not be receiving any specialist support or have any other Special Educational Needs, and should have the potential to catch up with their peers.

They may have:

-Difficulties listening or paying attention

-Poor vocabulary

-Difficulties understanding language

-Immature sentences

-Difficulties explaining or describing events, information and instructions

-Difficulties socialising/interacting with their peers.

The Talk Boost KS2 trials included children learning English as an additional language but not enough for us to analyse their results separately. The intervention provides language-rich activities that will support all children’s language development.

Who is Talk Boost KS2 training for?

Talk Boost KS2 training is for teachers and TAs working with children in years 3, 4 and 5. It is important that staff attend the training in teacher/TA pairs as delivery of the intervention involves them working together.

What will I learn?

The training will give you the context for Talk Boost KS2 by developing your awareness of speech, language and communication and typical language development in KS2. It will help you to understand how to run the intervention including how to identify appropriate children, measure their progress and use the resources, and how to follow this up in class.

How is this training delivered to you?

Talk Boost KS2 is a one day course delivered in your work place. If you would prefer 2 half days please call to discuss your requirements. Off site training between schools can also be arranged.

If you are a small school you might wish to consider grouping your staff together with other schools for the training and sharing the costs between yourselves.

How much does Talk Boost KS2 cost?

The Intervention Pack (Intervention Manual, Organiser Box, Teacher Manual including Tracker, 12 x Communication Detective Notebooks and 2x Participant Books) is purchased from I CAN at a cost of £480 per TA/Teacher pair + the cost of the Licensed Tutor delivering your training. Prices vary for training.

Please call 07947369701 and ask Andrea about the training we offer or email andreamoorebst@gmail.com.

What does Talk Boost KS2 include?

-A small group intervention delivered 3 times per week by a trained teaching assistant to a group of 4 children over an 8 week period

-Whole class activities to enable all the children in the class to benefit from evidence-informed language supportive strategies and approaches

-Homework activities with parent tips for developing communication skills at home

-A Communication Detective Notebook for each child in the group to provide a permanent reminder of their learning

The intervention is supported by an initial training package and includes the Talk Boost KS2 Tracker to help identify appropriate children for the intervention and to measure their progress.