Feedback: DAY 1 (Topics: ASD, SLCN, Treasure boxes and Start-Finish structured work approach)

(Permission gained to share comments)

  • "I really enjoyed the course...I stayed focused and I'm looking forward to the next lesson. It's nice to see people who show a passion for their work and children, thank you both." O.R. (TA in a large Inner City School)
  • "I like the visual part of the training as I am a visual person. Gets everyone involved."
  • "I have really enjoyed today's learning and stayed focused the whole day (which is a miracle). Thank you for the practical activities and sharing experiences." L
  • "I have really enjoyed the first day. Good practical activities and useful information I will use! Looking forward to the next 3 days. Thank You." A
  • " I have enjoyed the training and feel that I have gained more knowledge, especially about speech and language difficulties. It has opened up new ideas about a particular child I am working with which I will observe with this training in mind."
  • "Excellent day. Good mix of information and practical. Comfortable atmosphere to ask questions, lots of practical activities to use and good materials to use." BeCo & DH
  • "A very good day - everything was clearly explained and now I will understand why some children do the things they do!!"
  • "Really enjoyed the day - lots of information."
  • Very informative. Very enjoyable course so far."
  • "I feel more confident to implement these (strategies) into my own practise. Thank you."
  • "Very well delivered. Have much more knowledge and understanding of ASD awareness. Great ideas to support Speech, Language and communication difficulties...liked the practical activities"

Feedback Day 2 (Sensory, Social Skills Groups, Assessments, PDA, feedback on use of strategies)

  • "I did not know about proprioception, vestibular and interoception, but I do now and I actually understand them."
  • "All new learning today. Much better understanding around sensory and ways to support. Never heard of PDA so very useful. Lots of good strategies to use, share and try out."
  • "I really enjoyed the training, especially PDA.... It has given me a good understanding."
  • "Very well delivered, enjoyed the practical activities. Have more knowledge on PDA. Understood the sensory differences much better, useful resources to take back..great ideas shared as a group."
  • "I really enjoyed today's training again, I found that when I got back to the school the next day I felt a bit more confident and calm, I look at the children different knowing what I learnt would be of use to these children. Thank you very much for your help, looking forward to the next training, oh and thanks for explaining about PDA - I thought I knew but I did not!"
  • "Have more understanding about Autism Awareness and PDA. The course gives lots of information and resources."
  • "Very informative - I will be able to relate this to my work. Great!"
  • "Love the course. Very Informative. Given lots of question and answer time."
  • "The course is very informative. I feel able to ask questions and share my experiences with others. I feel more equipped to use strategies learnt to enhance a child's learning environment and their access to their education."
  • "I wasn't sure what PDA was but now I'm confident with the knowledge. The sensory session was really interesting."
  • "The course was really interesting and I have learned a lot."
  • "I enjoyed learning about PDA. I didn't understand it but feel confident about it now...(liked) social skills and different games to try back in class."
  • "Found it interesting..lots of interesting information which I will find useful."