Real Estate Advisory Services

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“RE” Problem Solving

RESTRUCTURING | Address project capitalization that drives performance outcomes

RESET | Identify opportunities to adapt or reposition uses to grow enduring cash flow

RECOVERY | Monetize stranded or complex investments

Proactive Strategic Thinking

CAPITAL INVESTMENT | Identify where, when and how to invest

OPTIONALITY CREATION | Structure and preserve stakeholder flexibility to embrace market opportunities as they evolve over time

RISK MITIGATION | Establish concrete steps to recognize and lessen economic and operational vulnerabilities

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Advanced Analytics and Data Visualization

Data comes in many sizes. While there is no doubt that "big" data is transforming industry, the truth is that all types of data, big and small, could be better understood. Too often, numbers of all kinds (economic, operational, historic and pro forma, etc.) are misunderstood or worse, misused. At Saybrook, we have always utilized advanced analytics to form and validate our ideas, transforming data "noise" into actionable information. In the last few years, however, we have fully embraced interactive data visualization to both enhance our analytics and drive a superior process for our clients. It is a process where complex information is ordered and intuitive solutions emerge.

Smart Analytics + Interactive Visualization = Robust Decision Making

Saybrook Real Estate Advisors provides fiduciary guidance at critical property inflection points to deliver upon individual stakeholder objectives.