Experience & Perspective

As fiduciary advisors, we help our clients with significant asset, capital, and collateral decisions.

Our Story

Before starting our own advisory practice, we ran the asset strategy practice for one of the top global real estate services companies. In doing so, we have had the unique privilege of sitting at all sides of the negotiating table. Indeed, we have represented a strikingly diverse array of client objectives in major markets worldwide.

Several key lessons have emerged from this experience:

  • Stakeholders come in many different forms: investors, lenders, occupiers, brokers, wealth managers, public institutions, and many others
  • Stakeholders are best served by shaping their real estate strategy significantly upstream of any individual decision to transact
  • Real estate stakeholders are often operating blindly with regard to the objectives and constraints of their transaction counterparts

Saybrook Real Estate Advisors was created to bring this knowledge and a client-based approach to complex real estate. Doing so produces more enduring and aligned outcomes.

Leadership Team

Thomas H. Wootten | Tom is a speaker and author on real estate matters in the both the US and Europe. He has advised Fortune 200 companies, family offices, foundations, and public sector clients on complex real estate decisions for over 25 years. Tom blends innovative thinking with a deep knowledge of real estate and finance fundamentals.

Tom holds the Counselor of Real Estate (CRE) and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - Fellow (FRICS) designations. Additionally, he holds a a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale College as well as a Master of Science degree in real estate and construction management from the Burns School of Real Estate at University of Denver's Daniels College of Business (with honors Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Lambda Chi).

Contact: Tom.Wootten@SaybrookRE.com or 720.648.8199

Laura S. Hornbach | Laura is a real estate finance strategist with experience leading acquisitions and managing assets and investor relations in the private equity community. She has advised numerous Fortune 200 companies and family offices on holding, structuring and developing complex real estate assets worldwide. Laura brings a visual and analytical approach to real estate problem solving.

Laura holds a B.A. degree from Georgetown University in Washington D.C., and a Master of Business Administration from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.

Contact: Laura.Hornbach@SaybrookRE.com


The physical real estate landscape is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace. Retail formats are becoming obsolete. Office buildings are pressed to deliver business-critical flexibility to occupiers. Distribution and warehouse spaces are organizing to meet new realities in consumer fulfillment expectations. Autonomous vehicles and drones, anyone? The increasing pace of technological adaption will accelerate physical obsolescence and demand for re-invention.

The nature of real estate capitalization is transforming just as quickly. Historically low risk premiums, rising interest rates, changing FASB/IASB reporting requirements, widespread interest-only loans, falling equity cushions and wildly optimistic residual underwriting all work to enhance the financial risks and expose structural weakness.

Real estate stakeholders stand on shifting sands.

Real estate strategies will demand increased insight, proactive management, creativity and robust analysis to deliver enduring value going forward. Saybrook was organized to meet this need.