I started out in website design, then internet marketing, now I have acquired a dream team and together we are transitioning into website development and business consulting

As you can see below we have several projects underway, won't you join us?


Me and my team have developed several much needed and fulfilling Web Properties to satisfy almost every customer demand. The process is on-going and virtually never-ending.

  • StartSmartGuide.com

  • ShopSmartGuide.com

  • CitySmartGuide.com

  • BusinessSmartGuide.com

  • ...and many more coming soon


Having gained a keen appreciation of the needs of prospective clientele, we are well-placed to provide cutting edge services tailored to suit an evolving market.

  • 28-Day Blogging Challenge (with a twist)

  • 4 - 52 strategic inbound links

  • 3,000 Internet Marketing Keywords

  • Proper Keyword/Niche Research

  • DIY Keyword/Niche Research

  • Managed Blog (with Marketing)


We are excited to announce that we have begun to offer courses online. More details to come later, but if you have knowledge, a hobby, or experience you would like to turn into a course, please contact us.

  • 28-Day Blogging Challenge (with a twist)

  • ...and many more in the works

We're Seeking...

  • Partners

  • JVs

  • Resellers

  • Affiliates / Super Affiliates

  • Country/City/Town Managers

  • New/Established Bloggers

  • New/Established Authors

  • VAs (Virtual Assistants)

  • OutSourcers

...to Form Strategic Alliances with.

We Help You…

  • QUICKLY Dominate Your Niche/Market

  • Make Sure Your Web Presence is MOST Effective

  • Captivate & Influence Your TARGET Audience