SAVI® Communications 

Foundation Workshop

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Do you recognize this?

This SAVI® Communications workshop is for
business owners, boards, management teams, project teams- and everyone interested
in the impact of communication on productivity and satisfaction

Join us for an exclusive communication workshop in which you learn how to:

- Make sure that your (and others’) messages get across 

- Build more productive teams while strengthening the relations among team members

- Increase your team’s/organization’s ability to make decisions, solve problems and reach goals


Dates: in-company or let us know when you want to join
2 days,  from 09.00 – 17.00 each day (or check possibilities with us'0.

Price: 8200 SEK/person + VAT.
We have limited discount options available for non-profits, students, and if you join with friends/ colleagues. 

Lunch and coffee are included in the price.

Please note: The workshop language is English. Translation to Swedish or Dutch will be offered; you can take the workshop without being fluent in English. 

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by sending an e-mail to Annika Hall 


Telephone number: 

0046 (0)70 606 81 68

Communication as leadership behavior
Building your organization’s capacity to make decisions and solve problems

About SAVI

The workshop builds on SAVI® (System for Analyzing Verbal Interactions).
Using SAVI, we can distinguish communication behaviors that create noise from those that make clarity. In times of turbulence and change, communication becomes more challenging. 

Read more on SAVI on the SAVI Communications website

Learning goals

This workshop will increase your ability to map out, diagnose and influence a conversation. Primarily you will learn to:


Annika Hall has a background in business administration research and teaching (leadership, strategy, and organization theory). She works as an advisor specializing in ownership transition processes where the ability to have constructive problem solving is central to long-term success and lasting change. She has also written articles and books in her particular area of expertise.

Paula Nordhauzen is from the Netherlands. After studying Communications, she started working as a project leader. Nowadays, she works in self-organization, organizational change, and with system-oriented teams. She has written many articles about these subjects, and a book on group dynamics.

Dive into your own communication patterns
and train your skills

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a little theory, much practice - and a lot of fun!


by sending an e-mail to Annika Hall 


Telephone number: 

0046 (0)70 606 81 68