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Update on the TA

9th June 2022: The Tredegar arms is re-opening on 24th June 2022. You can get more information via their Facebook page.

Please ensure that you support the TA (and the Huntsman) so that the village can continue to have the benefit of our local pubs.

9th June 2021: We understand that the TA has been sold to, we believe, a local individual who intends "the TA will remain as a public house and will reopen as soon as a tenant is found".

7th May 2021: We'd like to thank all those who have contacted us and indicated that they would be prepared to assist with financial support if the community had to purchase the TA to keep it open. We'd also like to thank those you were unable to offer financial support but did offer to assist us in other ways. The support we have received and the messages of thanks and good will have been really appreciated.

The good news is that it seems that we will not have to call upon anyone's hard earnt cash. After a conversation with Sidney Phillips we have their permission to tell you that there are currently three bids for the TA all of which are from pub operators. They hope to conclude a 'subject to contract' deal early next week (w/c 10th May 2021).

Our objectives were only ever to ensure that the pub continued as a pub and we never had any intention of bidding against genuine pub operators. We have explained this to Sidney Phillips and confirmed that we will not be submitting a bid - even though we could probably have got to a point where we could have mounted a sensible bid.

Therefore, we are standing down and maintaining a watching brief. Sidney Phillips has agreed to get back to us if anything changes wrt the bids but they are confident that, given the numbers interested, they will be able to complete a sale to a pub operator.

Let us finish by saying that the important thing is that, once the TA is open again as a pub, the community supports it and makes it a success for whomever purchases it.

We would go further and say that the community should support all the pubs in the village. Use them or lose them.

Thanks everyone

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