Save Aztec Canyon!

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Click here to view NBC San Diego's coverage of the threat to Aztec Canyon

This San Diego State University canyon:

  • is home to as many as 85 rare and endangered species of plants and animals
  • is an on-campus living laboratory for the study of environmental and developmental impacts
  • gives students a glimpse of the "natural" state of Southern California's ecosystem
  • was set aside in 1997 for conservation and preservation by joint agreement between the state, city, and federal governments as part of San Diego's Multi-Species Conservation Program Subarea Plan

But, SDSU plans to destroy it forever to make room for new student housing.

SDSU's plan is ill-conceived and unnecessary.

There are multiple alternative sites on campus for more student housing -- alternatives that would not involve a full-on assault on rare and endangered species and habitat.

LEARN MORE about SDSU's plan, and TAKE ACTION!