Daniel Snyder,


On November 10, 2010, the Redskins played the Philadephia Eagles on Monday Night Football with a national audience watching. This was probably one of the lowest points for Redskins fans as they put on one of the worst performances in franchise history. The heavy rain during the game was actually symbolic of the event itself. The final score was a 59-28, but the Eagles scored 28 of those points in the first quarter alone. You can have a look at the "highlights" by clicking here. The next day, on his sport talk radio show with co-host and former Redskins player LaVar Arrington, Chad Dukes of 106.7 TheFan (WJFK in Washington DC) went on a rant that was nothing short of vintage.

In March 2017, an event was scheduled at Resdskins Park called "March on Ashburn." However, turnout was very low and disappointing. At the time, the main story with the Redskins was the recent and controversial firing of General Manager Scot McCloughlan. It's still not very clear exactly why he was released. The front office claimed it was because of McCloughlan's problem with alcoholism. However, in my humble opininon, I believe he was fired because he crossed Bruce Allen. I went to Redskins Park during one of the days that "March on Ashburn" was scheduled. All I saw when I arrived was a deserted field. The few fans that had shown up had already left. I approached the front gate only to the have the employee who was in the booth approach me. The experience felt equal to my approaching the Berlin Wall checkpoint during the height of the Cold War. It was no surprise to me when the employee refused to talk about any of the recent events that were taking place with the team, including the recent firing of McCloughlan.