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Daniel Snyder has owned the Washington Redskins since 1999. For almost two decades, he has clearly demonstrated his complete lack of ability to operate an NFL Franchise successfully. During the last 19 seasons, the Redskins have only seen the postseason five times and have never made it past the divisional round. Their overall regular season record from 1999 to 2018 stands at 139-180-1 (.434). They have also been through eight head coaching changes, which has prevented the team from being able to establish any kind of longevity and stability on the sideline.

Snyder has been a very controversial and also a very disliked man not just because of what he has done to the Redskins, but also what he done to other people and organizations. I think it should be known that money talks, but other things can talk louder. We fans, for example, have the ability to do just that. The loyal and passionate fans of the Burgundy and Gold deserve better. We would also like to send a clear message to Roger Goodell and to the rest of the NFL that "conduct detrimental to the team" needs to apply to more than just coaching staff and players. Owners need to be held accountable as well.

Who Am I?

I'm a frustrated Redskins fan just like you. My name is Scott Kennedy. I grew up just two hours south of the DC area in Richmond, VA. When I first began watching Redskins games, George Allen was still walking the sidelines at RFK Stadium. It was 1977 to be exact, and that would be Coach Allen's final season with the team. I left Richmond in 1984 and moved to North Carolina. After finishing high school there, I would go on to earn two Bachelor's Degrees fifteen years apart. My first one was a B.A. in Physics from UNC-Wilmington in 1993. The second one was a special accomplishment because of my lifelong passion with weather. In 2008, as a non-traditional student, I earned my B.S. in Meteorology from UNC-Charlotte.

I created this website so that Redskins fans can have a clearer picture of these last 20 years under Daniel Snyder. The picture is ugly. As you look over the information about what has taken place on this team since 1999, I have a feeling you will agree. I will die a fan of this team, but I will never be a fan of the current ownership and mangement. I would love to see some of the magic of the Glory Days from the 1980's return, but that is unlikely as long as Daniel Snyder remains owner.

Back in 2013, I was one of the writers for a website called Redskins24x7.com. You can look at my articles on Blogger by clicking here.

Dad and me at a 2009 Redskins/Panthers game in Charlotte, NC

Joe Gibbs and me in 2005

Joe Theismann and me in 2012

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