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Nearly three years after they were first proposed Camden has again put forward plans for motorcycle parking charges.

We know this is disappointing news but remember this is the fourth time Camden have tried to bring in charges, and every time riders have stopped them.  We must act together to stop them again.

Click below to read and sign our open letter against these charges!

Camden propose;

It appears Camden no longer plan to ban commuting with £6/hour and maximum stay limits in solo motorcycle bays, as they planned in 2020. This is one positive sign that they are listening, but many of the charges are even worse than last time. This is an outrageous attack on PTW riders and we need your help to fight the plans!

Click below to read and sign our open letter against these charges! We stopped them before, with your help we can stop them again!

You can also email the Councillor responsible for the plans, Adam Harrison, to tell him exactly what you think!

If you live, work, study or volunteer in Camden you have a unique opportunity to stop the charges! Contact your local representatives, tell them what you think of the Council’s misguided anti-motorcycle plans.

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