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Couldn't make it to Carson City Hall? Watch the entire meeting here!

Catskill Teachers and parents to Address Carson City Council

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 5:00 p.m.

Join us on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. and show your support as teachers and parents from Catskill Avenue Elementary School appear before the Carson City Council to ask for their help in stopping Ganas Academy and any other charter school from co-locating ANYWHERE in Carson!

Friends of Catskill, show your support by attending the meeting and wearing red! We need to make an impact! We need to show the members of the Carson City Council that we have the support of the community.

Arrive early and let's fill the meeting room with red!

#WeAreCatskill #SaveCatskill #StopGanas

Ganas Academy Commits TAX FRAUD?

The two clips below were recorded at the April 10, 2019 "special" meeting of the Ganas Academy board. In the first video (runtime 1:27.25) you can see for yourself what little concern the board members have for the students of Catskill Elementary School. You can see what we're fighting against! We make it very clear that Ganas Academy is not welcome at Catskill. The board members clearly do not care about our school or the impact their presence will have on our students. In the second clip (runtime 3:42) Mrs. Polonia, the parent of a REAL Catskill student, presents evidence to the board that their tax paperwork is questionable. #WeAreCatskill #SaveCatskill #StopGanas

Upcoming Actions

Carson City Council Special Meeting.

Friday, April 26, 2019 at 12:00 p.m.

Carson City Hall, 701 E. Carson St. in Carson

The Carson City Council will vote on a resolution to prevent Ganas Charter Academy from co-locating at Catskill or anywhere in Carson. Parents, we need your support! Wear red! Show your support for Catskill!

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Did you know...

Ganas Academy's very first founding teacher is still in college and will graduate later this year! Who would choose such an inexperienced person to teach their child, especially in the critical primary grades, when Catskill's veteran staff is available at the same location? Catskill's least experienced teachers have 17 years of teaching experience; their most experienced teachers have been teaching for more than 35 years; and all of Catskill's teachers are fully credentialed by the State of California's Commission on Teacher Credentialing!

Also, Sakshi Jain, Ganas Academy's "head of school" has never held a California Teaching Credential. She has held three 30-day emergency credentials as well as a Certificate of Clearance, but never a credential that allowed her to teach in a full-time position. What qualifies her to lead the education of young children? NOTHING! Use the link below to search for her credentials and see for yourself!

Credential Search

Want to know how long your child's teacher has held their credential? Want to search the credentials of Ganas Academy's "teachers"? Click the button below to get started! It will link you to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing's web site and allow you to look up a teacher's credential. This weekend Ganas Academy introduced their founding teacher: Maricruz Galindo Trinidad. Can you find her credential on this site?

make your voices heard!

Please contact the three people below and let them know that you oppose charter co-location at Catskill Avenue Elementary School! The strike has been settled, but our fight against charter school co-location continues!

Dr. Richard Vladovic (LAUSD Board, District 7)


@richardvladovic (Twitter)

Sean Jernigan (Operations, Charter School Division)

213-241-0375 (office)

Michael Romero (Superintendent, Local District South)


@LDSuperSouth (Twitter)