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An update from Bournville Village Trust

Updated 27 February 2024

Bournville Village Trust have published a statement regarding the proposed flood management scheme.

Bournville Village Trust (BVT), resident reps from our Estates Committee, reps from Weoley Hill and Bournville Village Councils, and a rep from Bournville Freeholders and Leaseholders Association (BFLA), have met with the Environment Agency and we will continue to meet with them to discuss their flood risk management plan proposals and concepts, which are in the very early days of informal consultation.

The Environment Agency recognise that further engagement is necessary to address the concerns raised by residents and BVT. BVT has not approved or made any decision in relation to the proposals, including any exploratory works and are working with the Environment Agency to ensure that, if work does go ahead, all plans are in keeping with both the Scheme of Management and the Bournville Design Guide. Any exploratory works would also be carefully considered and BVT has made it clear that these cannot proceed without BVT’s consent.

We are part of the informal consultation process alongside the wider community and are keen to work with the Environment Agency to ensure all residents’ voices are heard. We will continue to work with resident reps, both Weoley Hill and Bournville Village Councils and the BFLA to support this and have requested that the Environment Agency hold further public consultation meetings with the community.

We will share details of these meetings once they are available, and we will also be sharing further information here on our website. In the meantime, anyone who has any questions for BVT, can email our dedicated email address or call 0300 333 6540.

This statement is also available on their website.

An update following the Residents meeting held on
21 February 2024

Updated 26 February 2024

Following the residents’ meeting on 21 February 2024, resident representatives attended a meeting with BVT and the Environment Agency at the BVT Offices on Friday 23 February.

The Environment Agency agreed to review their website and will be publishing an updated version in the next two weeks. It is hoped that the new version of the website will provide more clarity on the project. We will request a public meeting with the Environment Agency once the new website is published.

BVT intend to publish a statement regarding this proposed project on their website and via social media imminently. This will include a dedicated e-mail address.

We strongly encourage residents with any comments or questions to directly contact both BVT and the Environment Agency directly.

Resident Meeting Presentation 210224 v6.pdf

Minutes of the residents’ meeting will follow shortly. In the meantime, the slides presented that evening can be viewed above.

You'll need Acrobat Reader to view them.

Weoley Hill Residents meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the first (of many!) residents meeting on Wednesday 21 February 2024.  We were totally blown away by the amount of residents who attended and were really sorry for those who were unable to enter the hall.  Fire regulations dictate the number of people allowed in at any time and we had reached maximum capacity.

Proposed loss of the park behind your home
(Middle Park Road and Witherford Way)

Published 11 February 2024

The Environment Agency is proposing substantial works in our area, affecting Weoley Hill Park, Valley Parkway (model yachting pool area) and Manor Farm Park. For Weoley Hill Park, their preferred option is the construction of a 350-metre long, u-shaped embankment (max. height 3 m (10 ft), with a 0.5-m high wall on the top). 

This will take over the vast majority of the park with the loss of a number of mature trees, and potentially blocking access from the Bristol Road end. 

Did you know this was planned?

The purpose of the mound is to hold in flood water, held back from flowing downstream to the Rea Valley, where a 10,000-home development is proposed (Rea Valley Urban Quarter).

Details of this project are available on the Environmental Agency website - click here

As residents, we have the following concerns:

In the next few weeks, exploratory work is planned, which will include temporary twin tram lines for the movement of equipment, and the digging of investigatory bore holes. It is understood that this work will be noisy and disruptive.

View the plans

Weoley Hill Park General Arrangement.pdf

Weoley Hill Park

Valley Parkway General Arrangement.pdf

Valley Parkway

Manor Farm General Arrangement.pdf

Manor Farm Park

ground investigations.pdf

Ground exploratory work plans