Unusual Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move

If you are planning a move in the near future, there are some great ways you can really save money. Shipping supplies is the best place to start when trying to conserve. You need material to safeguard your breakable items, and you can collect old newspapers to help in this vein. However, with less news print in circulation these days, you will need to turn to other sources.

Bubble wrap is one idea, but we are talking about saving money, right? Bubble wrap can be a bit expensive if you want to use it for all your fragile items. So, what can you do? You can use some of your own personal items while packing. You have linens that need to be packed and moved to your new place. Why not use some of your linens to wrap items in? You are benefiting in two ways. You are packing the lines and protecting breakable items.

You also need to pack your clothes. If you purchase the big wardrobe boxes or other boxes large enough to hold clothing, your shipping supplies could cost more than the movers. Instead, use your clothing to wrap around your china or crystal. Again, you are getting two benefits out of one thing. If you don’t want to have to press all your clothes once you unpack, just use some of the items that wrinkle less or things that don’t have to be wrinkle-free. You could use socks, sweaters and other items that don’t need pressing later on.

Bed pillows and decorative pillows are great for packing. You can stuff them into the corners of boxes to hold things in place. You can use them at the top of boxes to protect the contents. You can even use them on the bottom of boxes for extra padding. If they are thin enough, you can fold them over delicate items for safety.

One thing you probably never thought of is using sandwich bags for packing. They hold air. Putting glasses and dishes inside these bags and sealing them up really well with enough air to expand them, can protect many different types of items. When it is time to unpack, you will be able to see what’s in the bag ahead of time.

Dry goods can help with packing as well. It you keep beans, rice or other grains in sealed plastic bags, you can use them around breakable items. For instance, you can pack your laptop or other electronics between bags of rice, lentils or buglur. You can use these bags to fill gaps inside the boxes to keep things from jostling around. It you really want to be cheap on packing, pop some popcorn and put it in plastic bags. Fill open spaces with popcorn. It is cheap and it works.

So, you see, you can save a lot of money packing, if you just get a bit creative. You can use the money you save to buy new things for your new place or save it for your next move.