Hello, Friend.

I'm a graduate student at Utrecht University studying Artificial Intelligence.

I have year-long experience on solving customer related data science problems and developing beautiful dashboards at H2O.ai and year-long experience working as a Research Assistant at MIDAS Lab, IIITD, Delhi where I worked on natural language processing (NLP) for automated oral proficiency scoring system. I was supported by Second Language Testing, Inc. (SLTI) and advised by Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah ( Assistant Professor at IIITD) and Dr. Debanjan Mahata ( Research Scientist at Bloomberg LP).

Life Updates:

  • Fall 2021: Joining Masters in Artificial Intelligence program at Utrecht University.

Research Areas I have worked on:

  • Automated oral proficiency scoring system.

  • Emphasis Detection from written text.

  • Adverse Drug Reaction from medical reports and tweets.