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Architecture/Engineering/Construction + Real Estate: THE PROPERTY INDUSTRY

The hardware store, the Coldwell Banker office, and my grandpa’s hotel.

Those three places are the settings to most of my childhood memories.

My dad was a handyman who dabbled in real estate. My grandpa was a real estate developer with multiple hotels that my mom managed.

As the child of two working parents, I would undoubtedly be at one of those three places a few times a week.

As an adult, I must have had a bit of grandpa in me because I have bought, renovated, and sold real estate as a hobby.

This influenced my career as well.

When I was called to content and digital marketing, the architecture/engineering/construction and real estate industries came naturally to me, what I like to call, the property industry.

When I am in that environment, I feel at home.

The girl behind the monitor: I am a slightly crunchy wife and mom of two boys who loves camping, yoga, and leaving only tiny footprints on this earth.

When I can combine my love for wellness and environmental health with the property industry through content marketing, I am truly in my element.

"I highly recommend Sarah Block as a real estate, finance, or business writer. I've worked with Sarah for a year now as her editor at Landlordology. I always look forward to reading her blog posts that I either assign to her or that she suggests. Sarah is a wonderful writer who hits all the points in a relatable way.

Sarah communicates well and is dependable. I know when I assign a story to Sarah, I will get it back on time with minimal edits required. Her knowledge and expertise of the subject matter is impressive.

Sarah is a great asset to the Landlordology team, and I know she would be an asset to many other blogs as well."

Laura Agadoni

Managing Editor, Landlordology

I make complicated subjects simple.

Art Meets Science: Content Marketing

Content marketing brings together the two sides of the brain with art meeting science. Data, SEO, brand messaging, and storytelling come together into perfect harmony, creating value-added content assets for customers and prospects. Customers need their problems solved. You have a solution to their problems. Content marketing is the bridge between the two.

To create effective content marketing collateral, you need to

  • provide education and value
  • tell a compelling story
  • weave in brand messaging
  • keep search engine optimization (SEO) at the forefront
  • understand your niche audience
  • know how to get your content seen by the right people

Sarah Noel Block | Content Marketing Strategy + Writing

When I was five, I wanted to be a toll booth worker.

I wanted to hear the stories of travelers.

When I was ten, I wanted to be an author and write my own stories.

Now, I get to do both. No, I never did become a toll booth worker. Nor did I become an author (at least, not yet!). But, as a content marketer and copywriter I get to hear stories from thought leaders and learn from subject matter experts. I get to turn their knowledge into stories.

I'm pretty good at it, too. Here are a few of my content marketing accomplishments:

  • Increased web traffic 3,581% since 2012.
  • Email open rate of 82% in 2017.
  • 92% email conversion rate.
  • Increased organic traffic by 149% since 2012 through a strategic content marketing strategy + SEO.
  • Drove 40% of traffic to website through content marketing and blogging.
  • Between 2013 and 2017, increased blog traffic by 255%.
  • Increased social media following 1,703% since 2012.
  • #2 most shared article on Landlordology of all time.

"It was a joy to read. Funny anecdotes and great tips. What more could you ask for?" Laura Agadoni, Editor of Landlordology.

When you work with me for your content writing needs, the work does not stop at writing.

My writing process is simple, and so is my goal. Get your value-driven content seen by the right people.

✔️ We chat and I learn about your audience and subject matter.

✔️ I write and edit a well-researched content piece that includes SEO and keeps your audience in mind.

✔️ My very favorite thing is a great sales funnel, so, if you're up for it, we can create content upgrades to build your email list and fill your funnel as an add-on.

✔️ You approve + publish.

✔️ I promote via social media, forums, and niche journalists/media/influencers.

✔️ When you succeed, I succeed.