I'm Pr. Sariette Batibonak

"I am therefore undertaking I am", is the entrepreneurial cogito developed by Sariette BATIBONAK since the 1990s. Socio-anthropologist and methodologist, she is a full Professor, Director of Doctoral School and one of the best specialists of Pentecostalism in Sub-Saharan Africa. . With a focus on African and European fields, his research focuses on African epistemology, development issues, the media, mediology, spiritual health, religious modernity, e-novation of social actors, marginalized African therapists. The other themes revolve around the social in relation to marginality: women, young people, development actors, religious minorities, "social juniors". After committing "Anti-Sorcery Speech in the Pentecostals of Cameroon", she co-directed with colleagues, six other works.

President of the international association Savoirs & DĂ©veloppement (S&D) and founding member of CREDIS, my work is oriented and focused on development "otherwise" and religious anthropology.