Our History


Henry Sardilli graduated from the University of Hartford in 1958. After he graduated he started working for the prestigious John Hancock. In 1964 Henry married Lexie Hamel and they purchased a home in New Britan, CT. Henry worked for 10 years at John Hancock and was a manager of ten agents before leaving to start his own agency.


Henry worked as a manager for Nationwide until he became an agent of his own agency in '78. His agency exclusively uses Nationwide Insurance's products of auto and homeowners insurance. Henry, his wife Lexie and his two children (Pam & Tom) lived in New Britan while Henry grew the agency.


Fast forward to 1984 when Tom graduates from Quinnipiac University and begins working for Sardilli Insurance Agency. Within five years, Tom and Henry are two of the top agents in Nationwide's New England region. Their hard work and focus on their clients' needs help them to build a reputation as a trusted insurance agency in Connecticut.


Our purpose is to help the people in our community by protecting their families, possessions, and businesses. This is our promise - to protect and serve. By keeping up with current technologies we will stay on the cutting edge of insurance technology and current issues our industry faces so that you don't have to.

The Future

We strive to stay on top of current insurance trends and the needs of an ever advancing society. We look forward to tackling the new adventures that technology brings. Our most recent change will be coming in July of 2020 -- stay tuned!