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Attending Adult Entertainment Conventions

1. Search online for conventions near you. Adult entertainment expos usually take place at convention centers in larger cities. Some conventions travel around, while others occur annually in the same location. Check online, or search in adult entertainment magazines Independent Delhi Escorts, to find out when and where shows are taking place.

Try searching online for "adult entertainment expos near me" or by adding the name of the nearest city. If you don't live in or near a larger city, though, plan to travel if you want to attend a porn convention.

The largest adult entertainment convention in the U.S. takes place annually (typically in January) in Las Vegas.

2. Buy your ticket ahead of time, especially for major conventions. For the largest annual conventions, attendees often reserve their tickets months ahead of time. In some cases, it may be impossible to buy convention tickets during the event.

Use the convention website or phone number to preorder tickets.

It also makes sense to plan your trip in advance. If you don't live near a major metro area, you'll most likely need to arrange for transportation and lodging.

3. Choose the right people to go with, if you don’t want to go solo. A trip to an adult entertainment convention is not for everyone. Choose friends who are open minded, especially about sexuality and pornography. Attending with a close-knit group of friends will likely work best.

Some couples like to attend conventions together. If you think this is something your partner might be interested in doing together, raise the issue well in advance.

Don’t try to persuade someone (whether a friend or partner) to go if they really don’t want to. They’ll probably end up being miserable, and might ruin your enjoyment as well.

4. Study the convention schedule to plan your visit. Print out a copy of the event schedule, which you can usually find on the convention website. Highlight the booths and events that you really want to see during your visit. Map out when and where you need to be, and estimate how long it will take you to walk to each location.

Many porn stars, especially the most well-known ones, only appear at certain times and certain locations within the convention hall. Build your schedule around any “must-meet” stars.

You can also pick up a schedule when you enter the convention hall, but you won't be able to plan ahead as effectively.

5. Bring plenty of money, including cash, to spend at the convention. Each picture with and signature from a porn star costs money. There are also plenty of sex toys, novelties, and food and drink items to purchase. Make sure that you carry cash, since some booths may not accept credit cards.

Cash is also useful for tipping purposes.

Like any convention, there will be plenty of ATMs on site if you need more cash.

6. Check out your favorite porn stars dancing on poles or on stage. While nudity is often prohibited at these conventions (due to local regulations), there are usually scantily-clad porn stars or strippers dancing throughout the site. They might be pole-dancing at a booth, or dancing on stage in one of the auditoriums. Feel free to watch and have a good time.

You probably won’t get much chance to interact with the porn stars this way—opt for meet-and-greet events listed on the convention schedule.

7. Meet-and-greet with your favorite porn stars. Visit the booths and halls you’ve highlighted to get your movies, posters, and pictures signed by your favorite adult entertainers. Have your phone’s camera ready, or bring a camera, so that you can get your picture taken with the porn stars.

This is your chance to briefly interact with porn stars, so take advantage of your time. Tell them how much you appreciate their work, and make a bit of small talk if you get the chance.

Don’t gawk or be rude, shy, or creepy. Treat them like regular people—there’s very little chance things will advance beyond quick chit-chat anyway.

8. Ask your favorite entertainers questions at forums. While you can certainly ask porn stars questions at their individual booths, there tend to be long lines. This means you have to get in and out in a timely manner. However, porn stars often conduct forums at conventions. Feel free to ask them questions you have about them or the industry as a whole.

Treat them like you would any other entertainer at a convention. Ask them what it’s like working with a particular actor or director, or at a certain location—this shows that you know about them and their filmography.