Education is empathy

Without empathy, we lack a strong reason to learn or engage in challenges that do not directly affect us. Without empathy, we struggle to abstract ideas. Without education, however, it can be a challenge to develop empathy for something we know nothing about. Empathy and education are intertwined, and one begets the other.

Keep a close eye on this page. It will be updating soon, if not phasing out completely, for a new, fully accessible website centered on museum consulting with a focus on disability inclusion. There I and others will continue with a series of research posts regarding the intersection between empathy and education, and how that can inform intersectional equity issues in museums and our communities.

There are also plans to provide guidance for museums and visitors alike in identifying accessible programming, exhibit spaces, and everything in between. My goal is to use my skills and experience to inspire within my audiences a passion for exploration and to encourage them to engage everyone in their communities.