Environmental Educator

I have been educating the public in informal settings -working with both artifact and living collections- for over a decade. I've found that many organizations and informal institutions benefit from an outside influence in this adaptive environment. With interdisciplinary experience across both Coasts, I offer a unique perspective.

As an artist, naturalist, researcher, and scientist, I am able to connect to a wide range of audiences and identify how best to reach individuals based on their interests. I have extensive training in pedagogical methods and cognitive psychology, which allows me to further tailor my programming.

On top of my work as an educator, I have consulted on organizational management, advocacy with regards to municipal action, and am experienced with marketing and social media management. I am the founder of a small but growing social media group focused on accessibility. Equity is always a priority- no one should be left out of the conversation if we truly want to make a change for the better. My goal is to use my skills and experience to inspire within my audiences a passion for exploration and to encourage them to engage in their communities.