Hello! I'm Sally

I am currently an RTG Topology Postdoc at MSU. I recieved my PhD in May 2023 from the School of Math at Georgia Tech, where I was advised by Jennifer Hom

My research focuses on low-dimensional topology, specifically Heegaard Floer homology, knot theory, and homology cobordism.

My CV can be found here (last updated Oct 2022).

My thesis can be found here.  My presentation of it can be found here; it aimed to be accessible to a broad audience (mixed feedback on that goal!).

I believe that math is for everyone. 

Where you can find me:

email: coll1004*at*msu*dot*edu

--> MSU undergrads!! <--

Consider applying for the MSU summer topology program! Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Where you might see me:

Feb 23, 2024 I am speaking in the Columbia Geometric Topology seminar.