Hello! I'm Sally

I am a sixth year PhD candidate in the School of Math at Georgia Tech. My research focuses on low-dimensional topology, specifically Heegaard Floer homology and knot theory. My advisor is Jennifer Hom, and I am generously supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

My CV can be found here (last updated Oct 2022).

As of Fall 2022, I am on the job market!

I expect to graduate in May 2023.

I believe that math is for everyone.

Where you can find me:

sallylastname@gatech.edu (please replace lastname with my last name)

In Fall 2022, I will be at MSRI as a Program Associate.

Where you might see me:

Oct 31-Nov 4 2022 I am speaking at the BIRS workshop "Topology in Dimension 4.5"

Nov 28 2022 I am speaking in the Duke Topology Seminar at Duke University.

Dec 1 2022 I am speaking in the Floer Homotopy program seminar at MSRI/SLMath.