The Hamilton Stone Review

Queens, New York #1

I'm a real tall guy, ya know? so when I was in the stalls that night at Little Neck Inn, I see Father Tim come in and we nod appreciatively to one another. Now, keep in mind this is way before I had any ideas about what's going on at them little BBQ’s they was having next door, see? My brother never talked about it, not until after he had already gone to prison for the first time, deep into the drugs and women by then. But anyways, Father Tim makes eye contact with me while I'm in the stall, doing my thing, cutting up, ya know? And he looks at me, an’ says “let me get some of that?” And real quick, without thinking twice I says “oh yah, why yah Fatha’, of course! Here ya go, there ya go, great, that's good stuff.”

And then I come out of the bathroom all hysteric and go up to my buddy Barry, he was the bartender at the time ya know? And now he's my sponsa’ ya know? Go figure. Anyways I says to him: “Fatha’ Tim just did blow with me in the bathroom!” And he says “you shittin’ me, no way”, and I'm just like “yeeeah! Crazy!

And yeahs anyways, if you go to the Google, you can google him, ya know? Tim Lambert, that's Fatha’ Tim Lambert of St. Anastasias parish in Little Neck. That was before the neighborhood started to figure out about these priests, ya know? Hell even now, some people in the neighborhood, they still don't believe it, ya know? And he was an equal opportunist that one, went for the boys and girls. Never forgot that, one of those things you don't forget, ya know? Back then an eight ball cost twenty dollas.