Welcome to the New Google Site version of what was "Duon's Trunk of Junk".

I heard that Dropbox is/was ending their services of linking from public folders and images. Technically, I didn't make a public folder for Dropbox, but I decided to make this site just in case all of the links I provided break. There will be some differences from the other site though, due to the fact that I have around 15GB to upload, I will try to upload larger files instead of the pointless smaller ones, the old Site will be left behind in the dust.

You can also upload your own wads for people to download. Visit the 'More Files' page for more info.

That being said... I won't really upload smaller .wad files since the latest update allows you to download them in no time, if you have trouble downloading a smaller file, let me know via Discord or the SRB2MB's Private Messaging system.

There are other sites than this.

This website is an archive for content that is on Sapheros' server and are not easily downloadable.

Links Below (Click the picture to go to the page):

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Message Boards: The main community forums that new and oldcomers will likely hangout more at than here. Pretty sure you came from there, didn't you. :P

Unofficial SRB2 Community Chat: This will take you to a Google Docs that will tell you the rules of the server and other info you may want to know about, it will also provide a link to the Skype Group and Discord Server, hosted by Druglord/Team Lava and Colons.