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Virtual classes:

None scheduled at this time.  

Upcoming face to face classes: 

City of Ames Recreation Center (Clarke Street)- 

Contact City of Ames Park and Recreation for more information on how to register and cost of classes. 

Wessex Clubhouse - contact for information

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Santosha Soul Yoga and more 

Located in Central Iowa (Ames)

Classes are being offered in person at Ames Recreation Center.  Classes are also offered at various times by invitation at Wessex Community Center in Ames and online.  

Follow the Santosha Soul Yoga & More Facebook page for announcements and offerings. 


About the yoga... 

In Sanskrit, the essence of the word Santosha means contentment.  By nature, humans desire to sense peace, joy, and balance in their soul.  In yoga, as in life, this inherent nature is a journey that continues to evolve and grow.  And that is the thinking behind the why in naming my initial yoga studio in Carroll, IA with 'Santosha Soul'.  It is that our souls seek Santosha by nature and yoga offers tools that help us on our journey.  The 'more' is my other life long love and dharma - teaching, performing, and sharing music with others to bring joy and pleasure, if only for a moment.

Christina Tait, (BME, MA, 500 RYT, Prajna Yoga SATYA Certification, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, NETA CPT, and GX,) has studied and practiced yoga with Tias & Surya Little, Theresa Murphy, Allison Tigges, Gabe Hopp, Kathryn Templeton, Doug Keller, Dean Sluyter, Dr. Paula Gelbart, Noah Maze, and many others.

From the first workshops I took with Tias and Surya in Omaha, NE, I have been in awe of their knowledge, compassion, passion, and ability to share their teachings in creative and immediately applicable ways.  The study and practice of SATYA (Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement) provides an ongoing learning of the moving existence of the spontaneous, intimate, immediate, and obvious aspects of life.  Thank you Tias and Surya (Prajna Yoga) for bringing these teachings and so much more into my awareness. The path on this journey continues to expand thanks to you!  Eternally grateful.   

This picture owned by Christina Tait 
This picture owned by Christina Tait - Santa Fe, NM, 2018

About the music 'more'...

I have over 40 years experience teaching clarinet with a master's degree in clarinet performance and a bachelor's degree in music education.  From performing and soloing with symphonies  and bands in Illinois and Iowa, to teaching at colleges, universities, public, and private schools, as will as owning my own music businesses; as with yoga, I have had many wonderful teachers and mentors who supported me in my journey. 

My goal is to to continue to seek wisdom to grow personally, to share, teach, and to give/help others tools and practices to help them along their path.  And to do so with an encouragement to be internally inquisitive, mindful, and trustful of one's Divine internal instincts - to be "in the middle" - a daily journey to live one's own Divine gift of life to the best of their ability.  

Contact me personally for more information on yoga or music.

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For more information on yoga or music, contact Christina personally.

*Please be advised that  yoga  taught at  Santosha Soul Yoga & more is not taught or offered to diagnose, treat, or cure health conditions. 

Rather, the focus is on improving general health and well-being and avoiding injury to those with health conditions.

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