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Non-academic publications

  • "The terrible trade-off: Why governments must choose between more violence or stronger gangs," Modern War Institute at West Point (with Chris Blattman and Ben Lessing). [Discussion Paper] (2022)

  • "Measuring organised crime: challenges and solutions for collecting data on armed illicit groups," SOC ACE Serious Organised Crime & Anti-Corruption, Briefing Note 3 (with Chris Blattman, Ben Lessing and Juan Pablo Mesa-Mejía). [Discussion Paper] (2022)

  • "The terrible trade off: how the hidden cost of organised crime harms cities, and what can be done about it," SOC ACE Serious Organised Crime & Anti-Corruption, Briefing Note 4 (with Chris Blattman and Ben Lessing). [Discussion Paper] (2022)

  • "Crime trajectories in times of COVID-19: The case of Colombia," IDB Technical Report, 2034 (with Nathalie Alvarado, Ervyn Norza, Santiago Pérez-Vincent and Martín Vanegas-Arias). [Discussion Paper | Outreach: Sin Miedos - IADB] (2020)

  • "Crime in the time of covid-19," Economic Development and Institutions Report, COVID-19 Essay Series (with Chris Blattman, David Cerero, Gustavo Duncan, Sebastian Hernandez, Ben Lessing, Juan Felipe Martinez, Juan Pablo Mesa-Mejía and Helena Montoya). [Discussion Paper] (2020)

  • "What works to prevent violence among youth? A white paper on youth violence, crime prevention and the Mexican context," USAID Report, AID-523- C-15-00002 (with Thomas Abt, Chris Blattman and Beatriz Magaloni). [Report, Spanish version, Policy brief] (2018)

  • "Sector Wide Impact Assessment on Human Rights: Mining Unseen," Institute for Human Rights and Business Report (with Luis Fernando De Angulo, Camila Miranda, Blanca Llorente, Natalia Torres, Alejandra Castillo, Margaret Wachenfeld, Andreé Viana and Viviana Arango). [Report] (2016)

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